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January 5, 2022 by No Comments

In exactly 216 days, Kenyans will go to the ballot to elect the next cycle of leaders who will occupy different offices for a period of five years.

As the election date draws closer, campaigns have reached fever pitch, with each candidate packaging themselves as the most suitable for various seats.

With the withdrawal of the campaign expenditure limits initially imposed by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), aspirants are set to splash money in their political drives.

This presents businesses opportunities that entrepreneurs can earn money from. Kenyans.co.ke has compiled a list of some of these ventures that will require the least capital and effort.

An illustration of Data security and a camera man in action.


1. Data Security 

Data security involves protecting data from unauthorized access and corruption throughout its life cycle across all applications and platforms. It includes encryption, hashing, tokenization and key management practices.

One requires to have certification in ethical hacking to be contracted as a security personnel. The course takes between 3 months to two years depending on the level of expertise.

Candidates may opt to host campaign websites online. Naturally the websites will be prone to security threats from hackers, and rogue individuals notorious for data mining.

Having basic training will enable one perform necessary checks and gatekeeping to ensure an individual’s data is secured. For political parties, which handle large volumes of data, one may require more experience in the field.

2.Bulk SMS

This is a system that allows an individual or organization to send a message simultaneously to a large number of recipients through a short message service (SMS). 

Most political aspirants use bulk SMS as an ideal campaign tool owing to the widespread use of mobile phones in the country. The messages are personalised and can be shared across all networks. 

According to Hubtech Limited, the majority of mobile phone users read messages within three minutes of receiving them. You can buy bulk SMS at Ksh0.30 from service providers, and sell to political parties and aspirants.

3.Social media management and consultancy

During the political season, politicians turn to social media, which has become a powerful communication tool, to reach out to the electorate. However, it would be nearly impossible for them to hold rallies and at the same time run their respective social accounts.

This prompts them to hire social media managers. These are individuals who are knowledgeable on operations of different platforms and have a command in using the various tools.</…….

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